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Naomi Larh, Hatter from the Otherworld, surfacing to promote slow-fashion;
eco-friendly and ethical headwear for
play and practice.

My hats are designed and handmade in King’s Cross, London, an area with a rich history of culture and craft. I offer high-quality hats that are multifunctional, practical and performative. My interest in history, folklore and streetwear extends into my designs. I draw inspiration from pop culture, mythology and surrealism, whilst honoring the heritage tradition of millinery.


I prioritize using responsible, organic and locally sourced materials that are highly durable and long-lasting. Style over trend, my hats are statement pieces, made to be worn and enjoyed over many years.


I have worn a hat daily since I was young. This was a way to protect and shield against the outside world, my hat as a home that travels with me. Raised on the UK festival circuit, I toured the summers with various crews,  and traveled extensively across Europe and East Asia. These experiences have formed my distinct concerns as a designer.


My background is in Fine Art, Costume and fashion. As an artist and illustrator, I’ve created screenprints, album covers, painted murals and video animations. I worked for many years as a costumier at Carnival costumes, Bristol where I worked with clients to achieve their vision through bespoke design. 


I studied wool and sinamay millinery in 2017 under Ani Stafford-Townsend of the Milliners’ Guild, Bristol. In 2021, I began working under couture milliner Judy Bentinck, a founding member of The British Hat Guild, London. These experiences have helped develop my technical skills and deepened my understanding of materials, construction and detailing. 


I see my hats as wearable pieces of art or characters; I love to create them and release them into the world. When a  hat is worn, carried and performed, it circulates and inspires self expression.  I love nothing more than to extend this sense of playful comfort to others through my designs, so that they can feel the fun and confidence of hat wearing.  

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