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A dentist's dozen 

Scan series of printed pastry

Pastry, jelly & fur hat* 2016

I’m conscious of the finite materials I use; repelled by the idea of an indelible object, for nothing should last forever and for me, art is an ephemeral experience. 

I used jelly, play-dough and pastry for print; the thick liquids and crusty textures invoke cloying sensations; attractive/repulsive. 

I’m interested in how image and sound can trigger uncanny, visceral and infantile feelings of hunger, seduction, revulsion and anxiety. 

A dentist friend allowed me to have a bag's worth of teeth moulds  on the condition I scratched out the names. I printed into play-dough and pastry for baking; for a series of edible pieces that display the open bite of a stranger. 

I found myself struggling financially, especially with the high price of food and rent in Brighton; the teeth biscuits allowed me to combine my food and art budget; it becomes a bidirectional process of creation and consumption.

*The sheep fur hat was a gift bought second-hand.

'The moment when a feeling enters the body is political. This touch is political'    -Adrienne Rich

I support the efforts of Black Lives Matter, The Black Curriculum, LGBTQ+ community, The Green Party and other inclusive, environmentally aware movements & organisations that elevate our diversely collective consciousness.