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Printmaking can be performative; I move around paper, adding layers to transform line into space. A Gestural and instinctive approach; from a drawing moment that marks the making of a matrix, to a painted strata of pattern. The process of printmaking is rhizomatic, light is printed into my eyes, memories are printed on the windows, filtering, I footprint as I walk.


As trauma can imprint the psyche; loss itself becomes a rogue matrix that perpetually prints past over present. How can loss replace and form space? The process of artworking enables me to consider the vertiginous, nephophobic and precarious condition of awareness. 

Weightless, swimming or headless figures are multiplied and projected between haptic or tactile screens; coemerging and dissipating in fractal clouds of copied surfaces. 

Seeking palimpsestic patterns in-between vitality and abandonment; I see death and decay as fluid sites of rebirth and energy exchange. Temporal yet returning; loss is depicted as repetition. Glitches are accentuated as trenches of viscous time; calling to be replayed, reformed or redeathed in trance-like figurations. 

Naomi Larh is based

in-between the walls

of London, Bristol & other

parts of the Laniakea Supercluster.

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